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Industrial park specification

Area of industrial park is situated on 10 hectares in northern part of city Trebišov and represents the area of previous food production factory. Built-up area represents 30 000 m2 - building objects, area 15 000 m2 represent roads within the area. In 2006 the area will be reconstructed in full range with the aim to create the production, storage and administrative places for rental. In case of investors interest it is possible during the reconstruction to make some smaller modifications on building objects so that they would meet the needs of the investor.   


The area is equipped with all engineering connections - electricity, gas, water, sewage, telecommunications and heating. Transport into the area is designed through the main gate for the vehicles, access to 4-stream road, the part of the area is also the railway, which is led directly to the objects for the needs of loading and unloading the goods. In the distance of 1,5 km there is the wide-track railway to Ukraine with the possibility to connect to the area of industrial park. In the area there is 5-floor administration building with social facilities - kitchen and dining rooms. In the case of necessity to spread the production area, there is an open area of 5,5 hectares, which is the part of the industrial park and it is possible to build the halls for investors there. There is potential to spread the area of industrial park by another 60 hectares on neighbouring premises.

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