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Industry in the neighbourhood

District of Trebišov historicaly dominated in the area of agricultural and food production, which regression significantly influenced the development of industry in the district of Trebišov. In 90´s of last century after the change of social institution the changes appeared in the industrial structure. Bearing sector was the processing industry focused mainly on metal processing. Food production is significantly represented by production and processing of chocolate and candies. Also building industry is developed. The services level is high, services are available for large community. From the wider point of view the district of Trebišov is situated in municipal region of city Košice, for which is specific metallurgy production represented by the company U.S. STEEL Košice s.r.o. Highly developed is production of metals, food, machines, electric machines, chemical products, building materials and wood industry. Electrotechnical industry is insufficiently represented in the locality.  

Existing production companies have rich experiences with introduction of innovative solutions and they have big potential for cooperation with investors, who would be interested to realize their business plan in industrial park Trebišov.
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